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March 28, 2010

Slowly but surely

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Well, the final chapter of Coming Home has been extremely slow-going. This was mostly because I found it hard to block out dedicated time to finish the final chapter – I haven’t been working weekends so I’ve literally only had a few hours here and there to spend on Coming Home. And I think I almost collapsed in a heap after making the first 11 deadlines (for the first 11 chapters)!

 However, I’ve finally finished, finally written “THE END” in bold capital letters on the last page. Phew! Now it’s time to start the editorial process – first me, then a professional editor.

 I’m also investigating cover design and page layout templates/software programs. This stuff is usually organised by my publishers, so it’s all new for me and a little overwhelming. I am getting there, but the final PDF definitely won’t be available on the original ‘advertised’ date of 2 April. I’ve revised the schedule to 10 May. Apologies to everyone who’s anxiously waiting to find out whodunit.  

 In the past couple of weeks I’ve also been working on US edits for Kiss of Death, which is due out in North America on 1 August – only fours months to go! These edits are generally minor things, although they are more significant than just changing colour to color and organisation to organization.

 Different editors will invariably pick up different things and so my US editors have pointed out some minor mistakes (like getting a day wrong), made suggested cuts throughout plus earmarked a few queries that have led to small additions on my part. I’ve actioned all of these and now have the final page proofs sitting in my inbox for review. That’s my task for this week, before editing Coming Home.

 Thanks again to everyone who voted and took part in Coming Home. It’s been an intense ride and I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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March 5, 2010

Would you kill me?

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Okay…so I’m nearly finished the online experiment that is Coming Home – and book 6 in the Sophie Anderson series.

 This week is officially the last week of my  interactive ebook – i.e. I’m working on the last chapter, although I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I may need an extra chapter or a epilogue. However, I haven’t started working on the last chapter yet and I’m considering NOT posting it on Monday.

 Three reasons:

  1. It’s a long weekend here in Melbourne and I really want the full weekend off!
  2. I’m thinking it may create much better dramatic tension to hold off on posting the final piece of the puzzle/case.
  3. Then I can write the final few pages after editing what I’ve written so far – and I’ll be coming from a better place editorially speaking.

 What do you think? Would you kill me? Send me an email at info@pdmartin.com.au or comment below! And as they say…speak now or forever hold your peace.

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