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December 18, 2009

Chapter 2…kinda

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Kiss of Death-50percentWell, I was planning to blog a little bit today about Chapter 2 of Coming Home – you know, how it was going, what I’d written so far, etc. One problem with that: I haven’t started it yet! I feel like a naughty child confessing to something…well, naughty.

Rest assured, I will finish Chapter 2 this weekend – but it might be a busy weekend!

I’ve had a lot on though…I uploaded the new women’s safety section on my website – important tips in there, so make sure you read it and keep safe! I also uploaded the first chapter in Coming Home and the questions for Chapter 2. Then things kinda stalled.

I also received my author advance copies of the Aussie version of Kiss of Death and I’m running a couple of competitions for Aussie and NZ readers – one for my web subscribers and one at my Facebook page.

Plus I’ve decided on the topic/character for my next book (after Coming Home) and it’s NOT a Sophie book. I know, big news. More on my next project later – much later.

But for now I want to leave you with a safety tip: Be hyperaware of your surroundings and actions when in parking lots – it’s one of the places women are most likely to be sexually assaulted.

Tips for parking lots
When you park your car in a lot, park it near the entrance/exit and when you’re making your way to your car, have your keys out and ready. Don’t walk across the lot rummaging through your bag or on your mobile/cell phone. Instead, give your surroundings 100% of your attention. If a van is parked next to your car on the driver’s side, you may want to enter your car through the passenger side. Offenders have been known to snatch women and throw them in a neighbouring van – for the offender, it’s quick and easy. See my safety tips for how to stay safe while getting into your car, while in your car, and other car-related safety tips.

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