Feedback from past students

“Phillipa’s NaNoWriMo writing course was illuminating, inspiring, informative and life-changing. That all her students produced 50,000 words of a manuscript by the end of the course held at the atmospheric Abbotsford Convent is an extraordinary achievement and reflects her tenacious and methodical approach to teaching novel-writing.” Annie Lawson, 2014 NaNoWriMo student

“Phillipa is a very gifted teacher who got me writing more than I ever have before.” Linda Christesen, 2012 student

“I’ve participated in two classes taught by PD Martin, a year-long comprehensive novel writing course and another focused on intense manuscript workshopping. Both were of excellent standard and a great help in me getting my first offer to publish. I would highly recommend any class that Phillipa is leading. Phillipa was a warm, supportive and engaging teacher and critical friend.” Steve Vincent, 2012 & 2013 student

“Phillipa gives concise, practical advice on everything – making your writing work, getting out that critical first draft, prepping for submission – as well as clear ideas about how to present yourself and your writing during the first tentative steps towards publication. By the time I completed Phillipa’s writing course, I had a solid first draft; the year after finishing my manuscript, I was signed to a great agent and publisher. Phillipa’s courses are a wonderful resource for writers – highly recommended!” Ellie Marney, 2011 student and author of Every Breath (Allen & Unwin 2013)

“Phillipa’s course on the popular novel [2011] was one of the most helpful I’ve ever done. I learned more in her course than I did in many of my diploma courses. Great teaching style, which is responsive to the needs of the class. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”  Eileen Ormsby, 2011 student who’s about to be published

“Writing a novel requires one part inspiration, nine parts perspiration, and a liberal supply of motivation. Phillipa Martin’s writing class wins on all counts. Drawing on her years of experience as a novelist and excellent communicator, Phillipa’s class ranged from the nuts and bolts of writing craft, through to characterisation, plot structure and story arcs. At every stage I learned to sharpen and hone, to turn a better phrase and tell a more exciting story. Doing Phillipa’s class definitely took my writing to the next level.” Alisdair Daws, 2011 & 2012 student

“I completed an eight-session course with PD Martin in 2012 and it was one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve participated in. Phillipa was a conscientious teacher, full of warmth and good humour. Her generosity in sharing all her professional wisdom and experience was remarkable. When, near the end of the course, Phillipa suggested I should enter my manuscript to Varuna I didn’t even know what Varuna was. However my manuscript became one of the five winners of the 2013 HarperCollins Varuna Awards for Manuscript Development from an Australia-wide field of hundreds of entrants. An inspirational teacher indeed!” Gabrielle Gardner, 2012 student

“Phillipa is excellent at teaching the basic building blocks of writing. She caters for every writing level, from beginners to advanced writers who need refresher training.” Karina Johnson, 2013 student

“The course was really informative and motivating. I found Phillipa’s critiquing of our work invaluable, and it was great to share with others in the group.” Cassie Doyle, 2013 student

“At the time I attended Phillipa’s workshop I was deep into revisions to the third major draft of my crime novel. From the sessions that she taught on plot and structure, I began to see more clearly why my story was not working and from the course materials and the other resources she pointed us to I was able to develop a way to restructure my chapters into a more gripping tale. I would strongly recommend Phillipa’s workshops to any writer interested in honing their craft.” Mike Timms

“I found the workshopping particularly useful – once I got over the fear of showing my work to the group – however she provided a safe environment with constructive feedback and practical tips. I really enjoyed the sessions and advice I received as well as the support and contacts/new friends I made. Quite simply, Phillipa has helped me become a better writer.” Andrea Kenrick, 2012 & 2013 student

“Phillipa’s teaching skills helped me acquire the fundamental skills to undertake novel writing. Phillipa’s encouragement, clear advice and her personal example enabled me to continue to write.” Raya Klinbail, 2012 & 2013 student

“I really enjoyed and learned a lot in PD Martin’s Writing Crime workshop. Phillipa’s workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended. It was packed with information on the basics of good creative writing and tips on improving our writing skills. Although it focused on crime writing, the material on plot, characters, POV, setting, dialogue and so on, was appropriate for any genre. Phillipa inspired me to write more and do it better and provided the tools to help me do that.” LE Ohman, 2013 student

“As a writer in need of assistance to develop my skills, I attended Phillipa’s Writing Crime course and found it to be exceptional in terms of content and delivery. Phillipa is an excellent trainer, and delivered the content in an easy-to-understand format and I hope to attend many more of her courses in the future. And, what’s more, since attending Phillipa’s course (and largely thanks to her insight into the world of publishing) I’ve even managed to get published!” Jenny Czarny, 2013 student