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Dec 25


2012 has been a big year for me, marking my move into ebooks. To those of you who’ve followed me (either reluctantly or eagerly) into ebooks, thanks! I’ve enjoyed the additional freedom of ebooks and the fact I can get the books out to you sooner.

My releases this year are:

The Missing (two Sophie short stories)
When Justice Fails (two short true-crime pieces)
Hell’s Fury
Grounded Spirits (a Pippa Dee novel)
The Wanderer (a Pippa Dee novel)

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Nov 4

Crime-writing workshop

In November I’m conducting a one-day workshop at the NSW Writers’ Centre.

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Nov 3

Writing workshop – Hobart

On Saturday 3 November I’ll be conducting a one-day workshop at the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre.

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Aug 26

Salisbury Festival workshop

At the Salisbury Writers’ Festival I’ll also be running a master class on writing a novel. Sunday 26 August, 9.30am-3pm.

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Aug 25

Salisbury Festival panel

At 11.15am, I’ll be taking part in one of the Salisbury Festival panels – Pathways to Success. The other panelists are: Dylan Coleman, Max Anderson and Dan McGuiness.

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Aug 24

Keynote address – Salisbury Festival

On Friday 24 August I’ll be launching the Salisbury  Festival with my keynote address.

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Jun 30

Inside the Minds of Crime

What goes on in the mind of the criminal? Crime authors Rochelle Jackson, Liam Houlihan, Liz Porter and PD Martin give their considerable insights into what makes a criminal tick.

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Jun 25

Library talk – Ashburton

Find out all about my life of crime at Ashburton Library.

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May 17

Hell’s Fury now available

The first PD Martin book since Kiss of Death (which was released in 2010!) is now available!!!

Hell’s Fury is book 1 in a new spy thriller series.

She lies in an Afghani prison cell, disowned by the CIA and regularly tortured. Seven months into her prison term, a lone operator stages a daring extraction. But who is Decker, the mysterious man behind her rescue?

He claims to represent The Committee, an international group made up of ex-professionals from the CIA, FBI, Interpol, MI5, Scotland Yard, Mossad and ASIS; a private organization that serves and protects where the current intelligence or justice agencies fall short.

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May 2

New book out now!

The Wanderer is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon.

The Wanderer marks my debut under the pen name, Pippa Dee.

While The Wanderer is a children’s fantasy novel aimed at ‘middle grade’ readers (9-12 year olds) it’s also a classic fantasy novel for adults too.

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