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Dec 26

Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death
Get an insight into the next Sophie Anderson novel, Kiss of Death. Out now in Australia and New Zealand and 1 August in North America.

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Kiss of Death-50percent

Dec 14

Kiss of Death – cover

It’s hard to believe that Kiss of Death will be released in a few weeks! The past few months have flown.

I guess it’s time to tell you a little bit more about the book – cover, plot, and so on!

Kiss of Death is set in the world of real-life vampires – people who feel they need to feed on other people’s energy (usually through blood) to survive. The research was both fun and enlightening.

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Nov 25

New interactive ebook launched

I’ve just launched the start of a new interactive ebook, in which you’ll be deciding how the plot moves forward!

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Oct 27

Book trailer now available

The book trailer for The Killing Hands is ready. It’s my very first book trailer and I hope you like it!

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Killing HandsUS-10percent

Oct 1

Out soon in North America

With the North American release date coming up, here’s a sneak peek of the cover for The Killing Hands.

Expect the trademark Sophie Anderson style:

Criminal psychology/profiling
Kung Fu
Plus twists to keep you guessing.

“…more twists and turns than a Rubik’s cube.” Herald Sun

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Aug 29

Ned Kelly Awards – debate

This year I took part in the traditional Ned Kelly Awards debate. The topic: Women do it Better.

Speaking for the affirmative was Liz Porter and me; and for the negative Peter Corris and John Silvester.

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Aug 22

Melbourne Writer’s Festival

I’ll be appearing at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival this year – 22 August to 31 August – with two panels and a panel/debate at the Ned Kelly Awards.

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Aug 19

Melbourne Writers Festival only days away

For me, the Melbourne Writers’ Festival starts tomorrow, with the Text Publishing author party. And from there I have a panel, the Davitt Awards, another party, another panel, another party and then the Ned Kelly Awards.

Sounds exciting and exhausting, doesn’t it!?

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Aug 7

Write Around the Murray

I’ll be taking part in this year’s¬†Write Around the Murray¬†writers’ festival.

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Aug 6

Killing Hands edits

Next week I’ll be submitting some edits to my Aussie publisher for book 4, The Killing Hands.

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