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Nov 11


I’m currently taking part in the annual intensive writing event called NaNoWriMo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month. So far, so good, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sustain the output because I have a few freelance writing gigs on the go too.

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Oct 14

It’s a wrap

On the weekend I attended the ten-yearly (yup, not annual, not bi-annual but once a decade) SheKilda.

It was an amazing event, with Australia’s best female crime writers in attendance.

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Oct 7


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sisters in Crime Australia, this wonderful organisation is holding a weekend event in Carlton – SheKilda.

There are going to be over 70 of Australia’s leading female crime writers on 35+ panels. Free morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included in a day pass, plus access to your favourite authors.
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Sep 15

Body in the Library

Come and hear me at the Monash Library’s “Body in the Library” series of talks. Thursday 15 September at 6.30pm.
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Aug 24

Back to my roots

It’s amazing how one place can inspire creativity. Going back to my creative roots was as inspiring this visit as it was on my first visit, 20 years ago.

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Jun 23

Cult research

Today, I want to focus on some of the fascinating research I’ve conducted into cults (mostly for my fifth novel, Kiss of Death, although I’m also currently ghost writing a non-fiction book called Death in a Cult).

Read about the psychology of cult members and how to decide if a cult is dangerous or not in my latest blog post:

Cult research – Part 1

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May 24

Bayside Literary Festival

Come along to the Bayside Literary Festival at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24 May for my session, Where (and how and why) fiction gets crime wrong. With Vikki Petraitis, Judge Liz Gaynor, Liz Porter and me as the fiction representative!

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May 17

Switching teams

When you talk to agents or publishers about switching genres it’s usually met with jaws dropping, heads shaking and anything from mild disapproval to screams of “No!”

So why is switching genres such a big deal for authors? Check out my latest blog post to find out why.

Switching teams post

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Apr 30

Williamstown Literary Festival

I’m taking part in this year’s Williamstown Literary Festival on Saturday 30 April at 4pm.
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Apr 19

Write what you know

I’ve posted my first blog for Murderati. After a little introduction to me for the Murderati readers, I focus on the old adage: Write what you know.

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