BlackWidow has entered the room.

AmericanPsycho: Welcome, BlackWidow, you’re the last of our little group…and the only woman.

BlackWidow: Sorry I’m late. Have I missed anything?

AmericanPsycho: No. We’ve only been online for a minute or so.

BlackWidow: Good.

DialM: So, how do we start?

NeverCaught: Yeah, let’s get down to the good stuff.

AmericanPsycho: Today is mostly orientation.

NeverCaught: Okay, shoot.

AmericanPsycho: First up is security. I’ve set the system up for our protection, but I need to know you’ve followed my security demands. Did you all follow the instructions in your member packs?

DialM: Certainly.

NeverCaught: Sure.

BlackWidow: Yes.

AmericanPsycho: Great. That’s the first line of our defense – your laptops are all specially fitted out.

NeverCaught: Yup, the instructions are clear.

AmericanPsycho: The rest of the security I’ve handled from my end. We can never be too careful.

NeverCaught: Good. I want to stay ‘never caught’.

AmericanPsycho: I’ve also set up a filter program that will pick up certain words, like your occupations, all of your real names, cities, states, etc. and replace any suspect text with a random number of ***. There’s a two-second delay to accommodate the censoring.

NeverCaught: Awesome.

AmericanPsycho: Secrecy must be our paramount concern AT ALL TIMES. No talking, no bragging, nothing, to anyone but us, online. Here you are safe. Here you can say whatever you want. Feel free to indulge your darkest fantasies in the safety of our select group. All contact must be via this chat room. Never try to contact me, or each other, by any other means, including the other chat rooms we frequent. I’ll keep posting news and the site’s also got the online profiles. Plus of course the main feature, video streaming. Questions?

DialM: Thank you, AmericanPsycho. That seems clear enough.

BlackWidow: What about the FBI and this site?

AmericanPsycho: The site uses the latest in data security and encryption and it will be almost impossible for anyone, including the FBI, to hack in to it…at least not without me getting an alert. But nothing’s impenetrable. If it comes to that, I’ve got all sorts of security back ups. And don’t forget – if something is up, follow the emergency instructions in your pack.

NeverCaught: Gotcha.

AmericanPsycho: Okay, that’s the boring part done. Now we just have to wait…only a few weeks to go. The construction is nearly finished.

NeverCaught: Excellent.

AmericanPsycho: Any other questions? Comments?

NeverCaught: Yes. One. YOU know our names!

AmericanPsycho: Yes, me, and only me. But your secrets are safe with me. I am the President of the Club.