Hell’s Fury

HellsFury-FINAL-10percentHell’s Fury is the first book in my new spy thriller series, featuring the mysterious “RB” (ex-CIA agent) and the even more mysterious Committee.  Read the first few pages

“A corker of a heroine with a tale that’s worth her time…a stark and fascinating tale of a woman who refuses to be defined by the men who sired, hired, beat and rescued her, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing more from this author.” Crime Factory, edition 13

Back of the book

She lies in an Afghani prison cell, disowned by the CIA and regularly tortured. Seven months into her prison term, a lone operator stages a daring extraction. But who is Decker, the mysterious man behind her rescue?

He claims to represent The Committee, an international group made up of ex-professionals from the CIA, FBI, Interpol, MI5, Scotland Yard, Mossad and ASIS; a private organization that serves and protects where the current intelligence or justice agencies fall short.

Decker also claims to know her long-dead father, and brings to the table an offer she can’t refuse; “Go on one mission, and I’ll tell you about your father’s secret life.”

Her assignment: John Hope. Her orders: kill him.


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