It probably goes without saying, but if you’re being attacked, always target the groin. And don’t hold back – strike as hard as you possibly can. This is completely disabling for men and will hopefully give you time to run away.

Groin: attacker behind you

  1. Bring your foot up, as though you were going to kick your own butt. Using this method, your striking point would be your heel.
  2. Use your elbow to strike your attacker in the stomach (with any luck you’ll wind him but at the very least he’ll double over slightly), then hinge your arm at the elbow to strike your attacker’s groin with the heel of your hand.

Groin: attacker in front
The most powerful groin kick is when you hinge at the knee, flicking your lower leg out and retracting it as quickly as possible. Using this method, your striking point should be the top of your foot – not your toes, which may bend or be jarred or broken.

Use your elbow
The elbow is an incredibly hard part of our body that is often more effective than a regular punch (especially if you’re not trained in how to punch properly). Use your elbow!

Go for soft tissue
The groin is always your best option, but other good areas to strike are the eyes and the throat.

One resource I came across also recommended pinching your attacker in the inner thigh or on the under side of the arm, between the elbow and armpit – two sensitive points.

Go for the knees
The knees are another vulnerable spot. The best way to target this is with a ‘pushing-style’ kick that pushes the offender’s knee to one side (to visualise, bring your knee towards your chest then push out with a flexed foot).  This sideways kick will target your attacker’s medial and/or lateral ligaments and tear easily. He’ll be hard-pressed to chase you down on foot with a torn ligament.