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October 20, 2010

Book review (The Hit List) and a recipe

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I read Chris Ryan’s The Hit List in August and decided to blog my review!  Especially because I really enjoyed the book.

I actually picked it out at the airport (had forgotten the book I was currently reading…ahhh!!) and wanted something that was action/adventure with a spy or military feel. I haven’t read anything in this genre for ages, but given my new series is going to have loads more action and covert operations I thought I’d better see what’s ‘out there’ at the moment.

The Hit List was fast-paced with just the right amount of description (sometimes these types of books can get bogged down in details of standard procedures, types of guns and ammunition, etc.). While I like them to include some of this info, it can be hard to find the right balance and I think Chris Ryan excelled with the balance.

I would recommend The Hit List to anyone who likes action/adventure/thriller with that government or elite military thread!


I recently contributed a recipe for a fundraising cookbook, Snap4kids. I’ll post that recipe (easy Tira Misu) another day, but also found another yummy recipe last week for an orange and blueberry cake/bread. Don’t think I can post the exact recipe (copyright) because it’s from the recipe book that came with my latest toy/gadget, my Vitamix. It was very exciting though…I ground the flour myself from wheat grains in the Vitamix and then made the treat fast. Not much sugar, low GI, whole grains, etc. etc. Unfortunately I ate it almost as fast as I made it :)

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