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May 1

Update on my world


While I have been blogging fortnightly at Murderati and here, it’s been a while since I’ve given some more formal author news….here’s the latest!

I have two current ‘works in progress’. Both are different genres to what I’ve done in the past and both are different from one another! Since I moved into ebooks I’ve followed the ideas, not what necessarily makes sense from a more business perspective. Whether it’s a good move or not I’m not sure, but I’m loving finally bringing to life these book ideas.

The first one I actually finished last year, but it needs more editing. It’s best described as mainstream fiction, following the lives of three friends. It also hits at some hefty issues — e.g. motherhood and fertility.  I’ve left this one to simmer, but will be going back to it soon.

The second one, I’ve finished the first draft and am just doing the final read-through. Soon I’ll be querying agents…or maybe just getting it edited, a cover designed and posting it on Amazon. I’m not sure yet!  This one is young adult crossover (i.e. it will appeal to teens partly because it’s got an 18yro protagonist) but will also have wider appeal to the general fiction-reading public. It’s a pre-apocalyptic thriller.

So, my plan is to:

  1. Finish the YA/crossover novel
  2. Go back to the mainstream drama
  3. Start on the follow-up for Hell’s Fury – I know some of you will be glad this is the next cab off the rank!


I’ve also been pretty busy with our 2yro son!