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March 3, 2011

The ah-ha moment in writing

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As many of my readers know, I’m currently working on a new book, a new series. The new book (tentatively titled Hit and Run) is best described as an action thriller.

I finished the first draft of this book around the end of December, but it was a very raw first draft and I knew I needed to create more twists and more layers in the plot and characters. Plus it was only 72,000 words.

Anyway, I did a little more research, came up with a few new ideas and brainstormed a bit with hubby. The end result was that I started the book about a year earlier in the main character’s life… and with a much more dramatic, action-packed opening chapter. Then, on top of that I layered some intrigue and an incredibly mysterious back story (set up in chapter 2). So I’m thinking, it’s a very dynamic way to start the book and the new series.

But I still had questions. Someone is trying to kill my girl…but who and why? Yes, I know these are major questions for an author NOT to have the answers to, but that’s the way I write.

Anyway, I dived back into the main body of the work, making adjustments as necessary to fit with the new layers and intrigue. But I got to the last chapter and still had a few issues. And then my character came up with a theory about who was trying to kill her…brilliant. And it added and extra, extra layer to my layers.

It truly was an ahhh-haa moment in writing! And I saved it to the last page.

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