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October 23, 2009

Case file – coming along nicely

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This week I’ve been getting stuck into the case file for The Killing Hands. In fact, I’ll be loading it on the web next week.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

Photos – including pics of the crime-scene location and pics of the FBI building in LA and the Coroner’s Office.
References – some of my fascinating references…research, research, research!


Below is the car park where the victim is found in The Killing Hands.

car park 3-15percent



Comment: The car park was quite a bit smaller (like about one-third of the size) than I’d realized (found it on Google Maps originally), but the building site behind it worked really well with the narrative and crime-scene location.



References (excerpt only)

FBI – Organized crime website 

Australian Institute of Criminology’s Contract Killings in Australia

Hitman Manual for Independent Contractors – can download/view via http://rapid4me.com/download.php?f=1557512

The Yakuza in America – TruTV Crime Library 



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