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October 31, 2009

Big week

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It’s been a big week…The Killing Hands official release date in the US and Canada, the release of my very first book trailer and I’ve been continuing work on my website – including the case file section for The Killing Hands and a new section on safety for women and how you can protect your children from predators, online and offline.

The case file for The Killing Hands is almost done (actually, it is finished but I’m having problems formatting the page so it looks pretty bad at the moment!). However, the other new section of the website will be about a month away.

In case you missed it during the week, you can view the book trailer for The Killing Hands at:

The Killing Hands

I think the producer’s done a fantastic job and lots of people are saying it’s one of the best book trailers they’ve ever seen. Hopefully new people will keep logging on and viewing the 35-second video in the coming weeks.

Finally, next week the blog will be different – with comments and some other standard blog features enabled. Like I said…it’s been a big week!

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