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January 17, 2013

On holidays

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I’m on holidays again. I did consider simply re-posting my summer in Oz blog from last year, because I’m pretty much doing the same thing!

Well, not exactly.

Every year, we head down to the Mornington Peninsula on Boxing Day (26 December) and stay for quite a few weeks. I used to spend my summers down here (since I was two years old, when my grandparents bought a small holiday house) and now my little ones are enjoying their summers by the beach, too.

This year and last year, our ‘go home’ date was dictated by Grace’s school holidays. So we’re here until almost the end of January.

We do pop back to Melbourne for a few trips, like our traditional Australian Open tennis day. That’s today!

So, it’s pretty much been:

  • Beach
  • Relaxing on the deck (eating)
  • Beach
  • Relaxing on the deck (eating and drinking)
  • A walk or two 
  • Beach

You get the picture, right?

Then last night was the tennis (sorry about the poor quality pic). We saw Williams (Venus) vs Cornet and then Ryan Harrison vs Djokovich.

Unfortunately the men’s match was extremely one-sided and when you go to these matches you really feel for the guy who’s getting his ass whooped. At least, I did. It must be so hard to be playing in front of so many people and have the first set gone in just 20 minutes. You can feel the disappointment, the frustration.

Anyway, I’m off to the tennis and my family is waiting so I’m out of here. Mind you, it’s going to be a scorcher today…39C which is just over 102F. Loads of sunscreen and hats today! Then tomorrow it’s back to the beach.  

We’ve got another ten days on the Peninsula, so I’m guessing we might hit the beach and relax on the deck a bit more!

Are you still on holidays? If so, what are you up to?

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