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Reader Questions

Hi there, I am currently reading, and loving, Body Count. Are your second and third novels available in the UK? – Anita, London, UK – 8 April 2009

I’m afraid at the moment Body Count is my only novel available in the UK. My second novel, The Murderers’ Club, will be released in June 2008 and the third novel in early 2009 (more details to come).

Hey PD… just wondering why the abbreviation of your actual name? Any particular reason? – Taylor, Gold Coast, Australia – 19 February 2009

Hi Taylor. I liked the sound of “PD Martin” rather than “Phillipa Martin” and I also thought it would fit better across a book cover!

Are you ever thinking of making a movie for Body Count? – Megan C, Michigan – 24 February 2009

Hi Megan. I’d love it if Body Count was made into a movie. But it’s not up to me! Someone in the movie biz (e.g. actor, producer, director, studio) has to decide to pick it up.

PS I removed the second part of your question because it contained a major spoiler for people who haven’t read the book/s. Sorry!

I have not read any of your books yet but I have just picked up Fan Mail. Reading the other FAQs, is this a continuation of the other 2 books or is it a story in its own right. I do not want to start reading Fan Mail yet if there is pivotal information I have missed from the other 2 books. – Linda, Melbourne, Australia – 9 March 2009

Hi Linda. Good question! I have written all my novels to be standalone – and give reader any necessary backstory. However, I generally recommend reading them in order (I like doing that myself) and particularly with Fan Mail I’d read The Murderers’ Club first as there are some continuing points.

You have some wonderful ideas I have read Body Count and am intending to get your next few books (Murderers’ Club, Fan Mail). Where did these ideas come from of an Australian Profiler who has psychic abilities? – Caitie, Queensland, Australia – 19 November 2008

Caitie! I was always interested in psychology and ended up studying it at uni. At the same time, I was also interested in criminal law and criminal behaviour. I married the two interests together with my love of writing, and realised my ideal main character would be a profiler/forensic psychologist. Once I started researching profiling, I discovered the FBI had done a lot of work in this area from the 1970s and had a dedicated unit – the Behavioral Analysis Unit. So I decided to set my books in the US and the FBI, but my character was always an Aussie in my head. As for the psychic stuff – that’s based on a dream I had. See the bottom of my Body Count page.

Can’t get enough of these novels, a brilliant Australian author. Impossible to put down! Where would I find Meaner than Fiction? – Caroline Fagan – Rockhampton – Qld – Australia – 7 October 2007

Thanks for the compliments! You should be able to find (or order) Meaner than Fiction in most bookstores. It’s also available in Target and K-Mart. Happy reading!

I just happend to read your first book – Body Count. Are your books available in Malaysia? – Caroline, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 17 May 2008

Hi Caroline. You can get my books in Malaysia, but you’ll need to specifically order them from your local bookstore. They’ll then be shipped from Australia! Hope you can get a hold of The Murderers’ Club and Fan Mail.

Loved Loved BODY COUNT…..can we, in USA get The Murderers’ Club? – Darlene, Baraboo, WI USA – 7 June 2007

So glad you liked Body Count, Darlene! The Murderers’ Club will be coming out in the USA and Canada on 1 December 2007. Not too much longer!

How long do you hope to carry on the Sophie Anderson series? – Demi Gonzalez, Jupiter, Fl, United States – 22 August 2008

That’s a tough one! I’ll keep writing Sophie books for as long as people want to read about Sophie and her cases. I’ve got quite a few ideas lined up for future books – about ten so far – so hopefully at least ten books.

What gave you the ideas for you Sophie Anderson novels? – Demi Gonzalez, Jupiter, Fl, United States – 22 August 2008

The first book, Body Count, is actually based on a dream I had many years ago. See the bottom of the Body Count page for more information. From there, I based the books on my main character and her work as a profiler. The idea for each particular book comes from different places – such as research and dreams…and other ideas just pop into my head from nowhere in particular.

I will be honest with you, I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I hope to in the near future. But what I can read about them and YOU, I know I will like your books. The reviews are super. I love to read about Australian True Crime, you have some awesome writers in Australia. Where can I get a copy of “Meaner than Fiction”? Is it available here in the States yet? Are all of your books available here in the US now? Alot of questions, sorry about that, but I am very anxious to get started on reading your books as soon as possible. You seem to be one TERRIFIC writer! Thanks. – Diane Meyer Shenandoah USA – 20 June 2008

Hi Diane. Thanks for the question! You can order Meaner than Fiction online from an Australian bookstore, but it would be very expensive – books are much more expensive here than the US. Meaner than Fiction retails at $24.95. Plus you’d have to pay shipping! Your local bookstore could probably do an overseas order too.

However, my novels are published in the US, so you can buy them in the States at regular prices. Body Count and The Murderers’ Club are currently available in paperback and my third book, Fan Mail, will be available in the US in July 2009.

Hope this helps!

Hi PD, I’ve read your first two books, Body Count and The Murderers’ Club, but have not yet read Fan Mail. I was just wondering whether the situation at the end of the second book gets resolved later on? – Isabella Lin, Melbourne, Australia – 26 May 2008

Hi Isabella, Two posts asking a similar question within a week…Fan Mail does answer many questions! And unlike Kelsey in America, you can go out and buy Fan Mail now and get the full story.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for your third book to come. You’re a fantastic writer. Keep them coming. Please! – Joanne, Sydney, Australia – 16 January 2008

Hi Joanne. Not much longer now…only two weeks until Fan Mail is available in Australia! That’s 1 February 2008. And I’m working on book 4 at the moment and intend to keep them coming.

I live in Cairns, I have read The Murderers’ Club and loved it and I am now desperately seeking your first book Body Count, but I cannot find it in any book store where will I find it? I love these kinds of books – very gripping. – Karlie Sherrington, Cairns, Australia – 25 March 2007

Hi Karlie – any bookstore will be able to order Body Count in for you, although it may take a week or two. Certainly, the bookshop where you bought The Murderers’ Club will be able to get it in stock. Glad you liked The Murderers’ Club and happy reading!

Do you believe in psychic ability? And what gave you the idea to combine psychic ability and profiling (great idea by the way)? – Lauren MacKenzie, Melbourne, Australia – 7 August 2005

I do believe in psychic ability, however in terms of actual psychics I think there are a lot of people who claim to have this gift but don’t. I believe psychic ability is another sense, but one that most people aren’t aware of and/or haven’t developed fully. I can’t remember exactly what gave me the idea to combine psychic ability with profiling – but I am certainly very interested in both these areas!

Why do different countries have different covers for the same books ?? – Meg Fowler – Sydney-Australia – 17 April 2008

Good question! In part, it’s due to different publishers. My publisher here in Australia (Pan Macmillan) hires/pays someone to design the cover. If my US publisher (MIRA) wanted to use that cover, they’d need to buy it from Pan Macmillan rather than using their usual designers and in-house designers. However, I have the same publisher in US/Canada and UK/Ireland, yet they have different covers. Each editorial team briefs their designers to create a cover to appeal to their target market. Theory is, the cover that appeals to an Aussie, won’t appeal to an American, or Briton.

Is there any way of getting a copy of your short story Missing that appeared in the Aust Womens Weekly? I am having trouble tracking down a copy. Your books are brilliant – great to see an Aussie writer producing such brilliant crime stories (with a great twist)! – Sharon, Sydney, Australia – 15 April 2007

Hi Sharon, Have you tried your local library? Many libraries stock past issues of magazines and newspapers, so give that a go. Othewise, ring Women’s Weekly and see if they can send you out a copy – it’s the March 2006 edition.

Hi PD. Love your books. I’m only into your second book ‘The Murderer’s Club’, but I have already bought the third one because I just know I’m going to love it. =) My question is when will your fourth book be coming out in Aussie land? – Sheree, Sunbury, Aussie Land. – 20 May 2008

Hi Sheree, So glad you’re enjoying my Sophie books! I’m working on the fourth book at the moment, titled The Killing Hands. It’s scheduled for a 1 February 2009 release. You can sign up for web updates (don’t worry, I don’t send out that many!) and then I’ll send you an email notification with an advance look at the front cover too! Phillipa

Will Sophie and Darren get together in the third book? – Suzanne , Cork, Ireland – 22 May 2007

Wouldn’t it spoil the fun of the third book if you knew the answer? Sorry, my lips are sealed.

I am a fan of Karin Slaughter, Tess Gerritsen and Kathy Reichs, and I’m loving Body Count! Which other crime fiction writers do you read and enjoy? – Tony Gilbert, Stonehaven, Scotland – 17 January 2008

Hi Tony. My favourites are Val McDermid (from your part of the world!), Kathy Reichs and Ian Rankin. I also enjoy Janet Evanovich’s books for a lighter, fun read.

And so glad you’re enjoying Body Count!

Hi, I’m an avid reader, and I live in Canada. I was just wondering when Body Count and The Killing Hands would come here (I know Body Count has been here, and someone at Indigo said it was getting reprinted so I just would like to know when that would be done). Thanks Louisa – Louisa Paarsmarkt, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada – 15 July 2009


Hi Louisa. Yes, Body Count is my first book and was available initially in North America as hardback and then as a paperback. I’m afraid I’ve just found out from my publisher that there are no immediate plans to reprint Body Count. I do have some better news for you though – The Killing Hands will be out in the US and Canada in November this year.

Hi P.D I have read Body Count and I loved it!!! Would like to know what order do your books go in? Was Body Count the first novel? If so, what are the novels next in line? – Joanne, Melbourne, Victoria. – 29 July 2009


Hi Joanne. Glad you loved Body Count! Yes, Body Count is the first. The series, in order, goes: Body Count, The Murderers’ Club, Fan Mail and then The Killing Hands. Book 5 is due out in Australia and New Zealand in January 2010. You can read more about each of the books in the Books section of my website and if your local bookstore doesn’t have them in stock you’ll be able to order them.

How many books did you write before you were published? – Daren Eason, Lancaster, CA USA – 1 August 2009

Lots! I started off writing children’s/young adult novels and although I came close to getting a publisher with the last one, ultimately it didn’t happen. Body Count was the fourth book I wrote – and the first one published.

I am VERY interested in becoming one of your test readers. Please tell me how that can come about. Love Sophie, BAU, and all of those with a “gift”. – Rosemary Clugston, Orlando – 12 February 2010


Hi Rosemary! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’m glad you’re loving Sophie, the BAU and her gift :) In terms of test readers, I actually don’t have any at the moment. The time frames tend to be extremely tight between each draft of the manuscript and so it’s only me and my publishers that get a chance to edit and proof. Thank you so much for the offer and your interest!

Hi there, I am a great fan of your novels and would like to know if you have a publication date for The Killing Hands in the UK yet? Many thanks and best wishes. – Simone, Manchester UK, Summer 2010 – 2 July 2010

Hi Simone. Sorry it’s taken me this long to post an answer. I’m afraid at this stage there are no plans to exclusively publish The Killing Hands or Kiss of Death in the UK. You’ll have to buy the American edition or the Aussie one! And you can download book 6, Coming Home, straight off my website for free.

Is Coming Home only being released online or will it become available in stores? – Nichelle, CA – 9 August 2010

Hi Nichelle. At this stage, Coming Home will only be available on my website as a PDF or EPUB file. Perhaps in the future it will be available as a ‘real’ book but there aren’t any plans for that at the moment!

Did you ever bring Justin Reid back into later books? Surely Sophie must finally discover his true identity and catch him. – Info, Name, City, etc. – 21 December 2010

Hi there. Justin Reid featured in The Murderers’ Club and then came back for a brief appearance in Fan Mail. At some stage I hope to return to the Sophie series and Justin Reid, but for the moment he’s (SPOILER ALERT) living in Paris being a naughty, naughty boy.

Hi, Could you please let us know if Coming Home will be available as a real book as I would love love love to read it but would definitely prefer to read it in book format rather than online. Please please please consider making it a real book. I’m a huge fan. Your books are so well written and so hard to put down! – Nicole, Brisbane, Aus – 29 December 2010

Hi Nicole. Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer this question. I have looked in to publishing Coming Home as a paperback but given it’s my one and only foray into self-publishing at this stage I’ll be sticking with the cheaper and less time-consuming option of ebook only. Sorry :(

Are you working on a new book and when is it expected release if you are?  – Di, Victoria, Australia – 29 January 2011

I’ve just finished work on an action-adventure thriller and I’m currently looking for a new agent to represent me for this work – my old agent passed away recently. Unfortunately, it means I’ve got no idea of an expected publication date! I’ve also just started work on something completely new: a women’s fiction. Think drama and Jodi Picoult, not romance!

What a joy to find such clear thniknig. Thanks for posting! – Info, Name, City, etc. – 23 May 2011

Thanks and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my Sophie Anderson series.

Why was it decided not to publish ‘Coming Home’ as a ‘real’ book. I’m VERY disappointed as I have all your books in paperback? – Info, Name, City, etc. – 24 July 2011

Hi there. I always hate disappointing readers but at this stage Coming Home will still only be an ebook. To be honest, it’s largely a decision of time and economics. Coming Home is self-published (my only self-published book), which means I’d be the person organising and paying for the printing, distribution, marketing, etc. of a paperback version. I did look in to getting it printed but there would be a lot of work (and cost) involved so at this stage I’m afraid I’m sticking with the ebook. Sorry!

Are you going to write anymore Sophie Anderson books? – Phillipa Herman – 25 July 2011

I hope so! At this stage the series is on hold at five published novels and one self-published ebook (Coming Home). I do hope to return to the series in the future, but at the moment I’m focusing on other projects. Sorry, I know this is disappointing to my Sophie fans but hopefully you’ll enjoy my new books just as much or more!

Love all your books, anxiously awaiting the next. Any idea when next Sophie Anderson book will be out? – Barb Micheal, Belpre, OH, USA – 31 July 2011

Hi Barb. Glad you’re a Sophie fan! I’m actually giving Sophie a rest at the moment. But I hope it’s a rest rather than a retirement! I’m working on a couple of other projects (and being a full-time mum/mom) at the moment but I would love to come back to the Sophie series in a few years, after I’ve written other characters and genres too. But I’ll keep any publication news on this website!

I love the Sophie Anderson series! I am currently reading Kiss of Death.Will you be writing any more of the Sophie Anderson books? – Nikki, Arkansas, August 12, 2011 – 12 August 2011

Hi Nikki. Glad you’ve been getting into Sophie’s adventures. At this stage, my Sophie series is on hold, with the following books available:

Body Count
The Murderers’ Club
Fan Mail
The Killing Hands
Kiss of Death
Coming Home (available as an ebook only)

One of these days I hope to return to Sophie, but it probably won’t be for a few years. I hope you end up enjoying my future books as much as the Sophie series.

I miss Sophie Anderson, is there gonna be a next book? – Caroline, France – 1 November 2011

Hi Caroline. I’m afraid to say that at this stage Sophie is taking a break. Sorry! I may come back to her at some stage in the future, but for now I’m focusing on a totally new genre and style of writing. I presume you’ve got all six books – Body Count, The Murderers’ Club, Fan Mail, The Killing Hands, Kiss of Death and Coming Home (available only as an ebook)? If not, you might have one more to read :)

Does Coming Home come in paperback? I can’t find it. – Judy Kingsland,TX. – 24 January 2012

Hi Judy. I’m afraid Coming Home is only available as an ebook. To be honest, it’s my first experimentation into ebooks and self-publishing and it’s simply not cost-effective for me to produce the book in paperback. Sorry :(

Will you be writing any more Sophie Anderson books? – Suzanne Miles, Graysville, Tn – 29 April 2012

Hi Suzanne. At this stage Sophie is on a break, however I may come back to her at some stage in the future. In a few weeks (May 2012)  I’ll be launching a new female character – ex-CIA agent “RB”. The first book in this new series, Hell’s Fury, will be available only as an ebook (for $2.99). It’s a spy thriller and I hope all my Sophie fans will enjoy it!

I have a Nook. Will Hell’s Fury be coming out for it also? – Rose, Williston ND. – 17 May 2012

Hi Rose. I’ve just uploaded Hell’s Fury onto Smashwords, so I believe you can download a Nook-compatible version there. It’s the same price ($3.99) but I will probably only keep it up on Smashwords for a few weeks. Amazon gives attractive incentives to authors who make their work exclusive to Amazon!

Smashwords link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/163107

Thanks and I hope you enjoy Hell’s Fury. Please email me on info@pdmartin.com.au if you have any problems.

Hello! Have you thought about making your books into movies?? Because I think that would be very interesting!!! I love the whole Sophie Anderson series!!! :D – Info, Name, City, etc. – 15 October 2012

Glad you’re enjoying the series! I’d love it if the Sophie books became movies but alas it seems unlikely at this stage :(  There’s so much crime on the small screen, that most movie producers and execs are really only interested in crime fiction books that are already best sellers or have something extremely unique about them. Too much crime fiction out there! Maybe I should try to write an episode of Criminal Minds :) That’d be cool!

What did you study while doing Criminology? – Maya, Age 14, Victoria. – 11 March 2013

The criminology subjects I studied at uni were varied (and now I have to remember them!). Let me see…probably the most relevant one to crime fiction, or at least my Sophie books, was a one-semester subject called “Sex, violence and criminality”. I also studied criminal law as a continuing subject over a couple of years in conjunction with psychology.